Have you considered decorating with shades of purple but thought it a little out dated, unfashionable or frankly passé? Well, think again. Colour masters Pantone have unveiled PANTONE 18-3838, or ULTRA VIOLET to you and I, as the colour of the year. Pantone describes ultra violet as a “provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that embodies individuality and spirituality. Be that as it may, stand by to see plenty of this colour, it all it’s varying hues throughout this year.

Why listen to Pantone? Well, you don’t have to of course, after all, they will select a new colour next year, and the year after. The point is to see colour with fresh eyes, and, if you like what you see, consider using it in your home. Purple is most often associated with royalty, creativity, peace and spirituality and adding it to interior décor will give a rich, dramatic and luxurious mood to the room… if used well. The trick is to balance the shade with those that will enhance it; natural partners are soft, earthy shades of grey, black for adding depth and metallics, specifically gold tones, to add some pizzazz.

This hallway perfectly demonstrates how purple, combined with balancing shades can enrich and amplify a space. Uber chic grey geometric patterned tiles pave the way for a deep purple wall colour with black and gold accents in the artwork and pendant light. Farrow and Ball’s Pelt (no. 254) would work well with Ca’ Pietra‘s Terrazzo Porto Romana Pattern Tile or if you want to raise the stakes, this Iraya Decori Moka Italian hand crafted stoneware tile, with it’s soft mauve and mocha pattern, will create the ultimate designer floor finish.

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Iraya Decori Moka Italian Porcelain Tile - £75.45 per tile
Iraya Decori Moka Italian Porcelain Tile – £75.45 per tile

Bathrooms, so often a ubiquitous white box, can really benefit from a palette of dazzling materials, elegant fittings and a touch of warm purple. The palette of materials on this mood board perfectly demonstrates the effect of using the organic natural warmth of honed limestone with contrasting ultra smooth, soft grey porcelain. Combined with purple glass metallic backed brick tiles, for a splashback to a basin or a decorative addition behind a bath or shower, and rose gold brassware, it will take a bathroom to another level, and infuse it with a spectacular rosy hue.

1. Tidal Lite Limestone 2. Marlborough Illusions Gloss 3. Bianco Porcelain

When it comes to using purple on furnishings, particularly high value pieces like sofas, I would urge caution. Unless you really love the shade, or it can be easily updated with accessories, or the colour can be knocked back with wall decor, it may be better to choose a more universal colour. That said, a well chosen purple sofa, definitely veering towards the bluer end of the violet spectrum, will look stunning. In this room, it has been grounded with delightful wood planking flooring and raw concrete walls. If the floor was white, the purple effect would be magnified. Foras’ selection of wooden plank effect ceramic tiles is unsurpassed-so realistic, they contain the organic characteristics of raw wood and are enhanced by life-like natural veining.

Galliana Muotta Italian Porcelain Tile £52.50 per sqm
Galliana Muotta Italian Porcelain Tile £52.50 per sqm


Attore Opera Italian Porcelain Tile £45.00 per sqm
Attore Opera Italian Porcelain Tile £45.00 per sqm

Choosing the right shade of paint, elegant contrasting floor finishes and harmonising accessories is the science behind making this colour work in your home. So you see, decorating with purple is not as out dated, unfashionable or as passé as you thought, is it?

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